How do I evict my adult daughter from my house?

She doesn't pay any rent, and has not been living up to our agreement when I allowed her to move rear in. When I told her she had to leave she refuse, we live in NV and was wondering if I have to serve her next to papers like in CA?
You MUST go to court and attain an eviction order. If you take other people's advice on here and simply kick her out forcefully, you could be charged with illegal eviction. 1. Open the Door
2. Stand her contained by fron of the opening
3. kick her in the butt next to your size 12 boot
4. close the door
If shes not on the lease (if you rent) or her name is not on the deed to the house, tip off her that she has thirty days to get her things together, or else your calling the cops. Technically, the cops can come and remove her because at hand are no papers showing that that is her legal place of residency. However, if her name is on a lease, you need to travel to court, or speak with your land lord to see what else you can do. Give her a written thirty days notice, you would be best if you go to your city's courthouse to follow legal procedure. Alot of people are going to say sort her leave, but if she has been delivery mail there then she is consider a resident of that home next to or without a lease. You have to evict legally by file the proper paperwork.
You shouldnt have to dance that far with eviction papers.
Just warn her she has two weeks to attain out (ample time to find a place to live) and at the end of the two weeks you will pack her bags, change locks and see her butt out. Mark it on the calander in front of her what day she is expected to be out by and stick to it. if she isn't paying rent and she doesn't have a written contract she doesn't really enjoy any rights to live in your place

however the only real opening to force her out is to call the cops and report her as a trespasser

be careful how you handle this though...these little clan squabbles can open deep wounds that never heal
Actually, you can't just point your finger at her and tell he she is evicted. She is a resident.

For hotelier tenant laws see the second link.


There are two ways to begin Eviction proceedings surrounded by Nevada:

1. Filing and serving a formal, civil eviction known in Nevada as an

2. Using a Summary Eviction contained in NRS 40.253 and NRS 40,254

The summary eviction process is commonly a simpler and quicker process than
the formal unlawful detainer eviction proceeding. Note that summary eviction may not
be used against tenants of mobile home parks. Summary eviction may be used when
the only issue to be adjudicated by the court during the proceeding is possession of the
rental element. Summary eviction does not allow the landlord to seek damages;1 it does
allow the tenant to counterclaim up to the alleged rent amount owed claimed by the
The law frowns upon self help in most states. You'll hold to get a lawyer and go to court. (might be capable of go to court without a lawyer, but since I'm not a legal representative yet, I can't advise you to do that. Contact the NV bar association and ask them, they'll aid you get a lawyer who can either represent you or describe you what you can do without a lawyer.) I agree. Give her 2 weeks notice. If she does not comply, daypack her crap, put it on the sidewalk and change the locks. Stick to your guns on this. I think it's great you want to kick her out instead of some of these parents who are enablers. If she think you're tough, she should see how it goes in the real world when she tries to verbs that crap. Some people just need tough love to net them grow up.
pack her things and see her out tell her she cant come back untill she pays rent .
tell her even better to acquire her own apartment and pay rent there becuase shes old ample to live her own live.
change the locks on your doors so if she trys to get in she wont. i know kit hard to do but its the only way.
i wuld go off if my mom did that to me
introduce her to a nice homeless shelter
My mother threw me out at 17 right after I graduated HS.. She put all my stuff in plenty put them on the porch and locked the doors, she told me not to come back.... years later (Im 33 now).... I never went fund to her home......I have visited but I never moved back contained by with her.. and never will.......... Pack her bags and put them on the porch then evolution the locks. Unless she is a minor you are not obligated to support her and if she is such a parasite she has to go.
A lot of people are saying to go to an attorney and do it within accordance with the law.

However, do you have a officially recognized written agreement which was signed by you and her?

If not, then there is no proof that she ever moved subsidise in. And receiving mail to your address is not proof that she be a resident in the home. Just because I rent a post office box from a private company, doesn't mean I live in attendance.

Wait until she leaves, put her stuff on the front curb, and change the locks.
Grab her by the hair & drag her butt outside. Lock the door when you go back surrounded by. Problem solved. Point your finger at her and say "Poof, you're evicted" That should do it.
not sure about NV directive, but around here you just throw their crap out in the yard and adapt the locks........done deal.