Can Texas become its own country?

I heard the governor say that texas could break away from the union and become its own country... true or false?
Best Answer:
False. They tried to break away in 1861, and they failed. Seriously, don't school teach history anymore?
True, but not feasible, it's been talked about for a while and it have not happen.
Ask Jefferson Davis... of course not
Yeah, but they'll enjoy to pay their share of US debt before they go.
I wish people would stop refering to the War between the States currently. Do you think the United States would declare a war on one of its state's if the citizens of that state voted overwhelmingly to will? This is a different time. Would I want this to happen? No. Is it going to happen? No. What you witnessed in Texas and adjectives over the country was an expression of fustration amoung your fellow citizens. Have you ever been so fustrated that you said something so extreme in writ to prove your point?
It was it's own Nation. Look up Texas history. But it is not going to break away and form the Republic of Texas, again. People need to stop freaking out.
Without the consent of Congress, they will hold a very hard time of it. Many states tried it already, including Texas, in the mid 1800's, and look how that turned out.
The South [but mostly South Carolina] tried to do that just before the Civil War. Technically, any state could if they had valid reasoning and really needed to. The public would also want to, and there would probably need to be a state-wide vote. But it's very, severely unlikely.
No. He's freshly playing to the anti-Obama croud.
It can, but it would take a long time
It's true, and Texas would do well at supporting itself, too, with its richness in resources. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that you misunderstood what you think you heard the governor say. "Could" is not impossible to tell apart as "will".
Yes it's true, they could secede from the union! Texas is not the only state that have passed state regulations that would allow it under the tenth amendment of the US Constitution to break-away from the Union! I believe other states will also do the same thing if Washington DC doesn't coppers it's ways, and start doing what the people want, instead of what they want!
true it could become its own country but i honestly dont think at this time it will happen, supposedly chuck norris would run for texas president