Do people get paid to be on court shows (judge mathis, peoples court, judge judy)?

Yes in very large amounts. Just to be an extra on TV or more like the movies get paid $50 a day without a speaking part.

Yes. These are reality shows in essence. The only difference is that the 'judge' is either a retired judge or attorney who acts as an arbitrator in the case. The parties sign an agreement that his/her decisions will be final and without appeal. For their 'appearances' in the court they are paid. If you watch the end of any court show, during the credits, you will see a statement that the participants have been paid. Also, in some shows, the tv show pays whatever fine is assessed by the judge. The audience members don't get paid. They simply get the excitement of watching, just like if you attend The Tonight Show, etc.
do you mean the plantiff and defendent? then yes they only get paid if there is a ruling involving money. like if the ruling is for 1000$ they get paid based on that.
i dont know aobut the audience, but i doubt it other than regular jury duty pay.
You bet-- quite well I might add.
yes...the only reason to go on such a show...because if you win an enforce it you have to go to your state court if the person doesn't pay.