Is it better to mow a law BEFORE it rains, or afterwards? Does it matter? Recommendations?

What's your experience with this?
Mow before it rains.
If you try to mow after rain, the wet grass tends not to be cut anywhere near as well as when dry as blades skid over it rather than cut it. If the ground is very wet you will compact it which is also not good for grass as this spoils drainage and encourages moss to grow on damp areas.
Well if you care anything about bugs... when it rains, bugs tend to come out of the ground, such as worms, and if u mow after it rains, ur gonna chop em all up in pieces... i guess its not that big of a deal tho...
i think i wud rather mow before it rains, but thats just me...
My experience is that mowing the lawn CAUSES rain. :)
never do it right after the rain...

before. when the lawn is wet it can stick the the blade of the mower clogging it up causing you to ruin the blade

thats what my grandma tells me and let me tell you she is a smart woman lol
You should make it easier to contact you. I just wanted to say that your answer about NCLB was KILLER! It's amazing how uninformed people are about the issue.

As for your grass, I would think mowing before would be better. The blades are shorter, so the water doesn't have to travel as far. This would make your grass greener, right? I should warn you though, I'm a girl, and I have NO idea. I just didn't want to NOT answer it.
I've always heard what Twainy was explaining; never cut grass while it's wet, not only because the mover blade slides over the grass blades but also because it tears the grass blade rather than cutting it and torn grass is damaged grass which is more prone to disease. Additionally, my mower doesn't respond well in wet grass. It clogs up the chute if I'm bagging. When I'm mulch cutting I get large clumps left behind when I make turns.