How can you prove verbal slander?

My daughter called child services because she believed that her best friend was a victim of abuse. Now the mother of her friend has started spreading rumors to discredit my daughter. It has gotten to the point that my daughter is ashamed to go anywere near her friends residence because she then has to listen to the rumors being repeated as fact from neighbours of her friend. What does the law say about this if anything. (we live in Nevada)
If you can talk to some of the people this woman has spread rumors to, and get them to agree for you to tape record the conversation and have them state the date and time of the talk, you can go to a magistrate and file charges against the woman.

Call your local county court, a clerk of the court, or a magistrate will be able to help a bit as to to the process you need to follow. Good Luck.
Verbal slander is extremely hard to prove unless the person spreading the rumors recants, which is not likely. Since, as you state, they are just rumors, give those folks enough rope and they're surely to hang themselves.

I am the LAST person you would want an answer from, for obvious reasons, but all slander is verbal.

It involves a duty, a breach of duty, causation, proximate cause, and injury.

I would check with a lawyer in your area and see if your daughter can pursue slander. It sounds like if your daughter's friend's mom is spreading rumors about your daughter, she is probably not wrapped real tight.