NO call, No show in the workplace!?

I was having a issue with my job and instructed not to return to work until the owner speak with me. i did go to an initial meeting and then told to write a proposal of how i will change my self and how much i want my job and what i am willing to do to keep it. then based on my proposal it will be decided if i was to keep my job. the next meeting i did not show up to because i refuse to degrade myself for another's power trip. how can you be a no call no show on your personal time , when you were instructed not to come back to work? so today i find out i was listed as a no call no show. i was told i can not get my check until i sign a letter stating that i resigned and was a no call no show. i cant do this because of risk of losing my unemployment benefits. has any one ever experienced this before? and what do i do?
In a way you were setup to quit. Read between the lines in the following statement: You were given an “opportunity” to “save” your job using a “technique” that has “shown to yield proven results” and “you choose” not to take this “opportunity”. The company has the right to tell you “when and where” you are to work. By “not coming to a meeting,” even though you believed it was on personal time (the company would have had to pay you for being there) you “voluntary” resigned.

It is basic and yet effective way of getting someone to quit instead of being fired so that the company does not have to deal with unemployment. I have seen it done a few times in the past and have yet to see an employee win unemployment. Moral of the story; the company has nearly unlimited powers in dictating your employment and you have little to no control over this.

My best advice is to try to get unemployment but you have a very slim chance of winning. Seek out a new job ASAP. Good Luck!
contact your local labor board
There is a policy similar to this where I work. The thing is a business can set any standards they want as far as ways employees may be terminated. Therefor If they have a policy in place that states no call no show is grounds for termination they can terminate you for it. Hope this helped
call a lawyer

Be careful. In the state of Georgia, an employer can legally pay you minimum wage for your last weeks work. I found this out when I was having problems getting paid from my employer and I told the woman at the labor dept I was thinking about quitting. I'd check with the labor board in your area about your options, but I don't think I'd sign that, even if just on principle.
Good luck and best wishes.
if you live in what is called an 'at will' state you can be terminated for any reason and it works both ways from employer to employee. I don't know what the 'issue' was, but if they can fire you for it you may want to take the deal so you can tell future employers that you left due to differences of opinion.
Maybe if you wanted the job you should have performed in the first place...Showing up for a meeting regarding your performance is not 'degrading yourself for another's power trip', it's called doing what you have to do to keep a job...if the job was important to you you would have done it. You're not going to get your job back, you're never going to see anything except that last paycheck, so sign and go find another job.
You need to go in there and explain yourself to somebody. Don't sign anything.
Lawyer up!
Take care of your business-this is no time for ego tripping.
You're screwed. At will employment sucks!
Try to get another job and make an effort to do it well. Sounds like you have issues with authority,
Just say 'NO' to entitlements

A lawyer will just laugh at you
You have a good case- don't sign ANYTHING. They can't call you a no-call/no-show if it wasn't your scheduled work time!
It doesn't sound right at all - you should probably speak to an employment attorney.

The downside here for you is that you were definately on a 'performance improvement plan' or similar, and even if they agree that you're fired, they could deny your unemployment benefits if they say that you were fired for just cause.

Sorry - it sucks, and it sounds like you weren't necessarily treated well, but I don't know what you're going to be able to do. Perhaps write a letter stating that you feel as though you're being unfairly treated, and that you would like to agree to mutually sever your professional relationship with the agreement that they will not stop your unemployment benefits. If they're willing to agree to that, then you could make a clean break, and start looking for a new job right away, with the comfort of the unemployment checks to tide you over. A lawyer might be able to help you draft such a letter and give you pointers on how to talk to them for a nominal charge.

Good luck to you! Sorry that things aren't going really well. I hope things turn around for you!
Basically you were fired (and it sounds like rightly so). Refuse to sign ANYTHING. Tell them it is against the law for them to require that you sign anything in order to be paid back wages. Tell them you will be contacting the county prosecuters office and filing extortion charges if you are not paid ASAP.
You were not on your time, when you were told to come to a meeting.
Since you were still employed, a meeting is not your time, unless they scheduled it for after hours.
Now they can fire you any time because an employer can fire an employee without any reason. The only exception is race, religion, gender and a couple more things covered by Equal Opportunity Employment Act.
As for your check, they must pay you up to the last day you actually worked.
it was your choice not to show to the meeting regardless of how you felt the interview was going to make you feel. if it was scheduled for you to show up at this meeting to determine your status of employment. it was your duty to be there. they have every right to fire you for not showing up. there are plenty of other people that can use the position. rules are rules. sorry.
Well evidently you did something at work, that could have resulted in you being fired.

Thats what started the whole process.

Your company was trying to give you a second chance, but wanted to make sure, that you knew whatever behavior that resulted in your original problems, would not be tolerated anymore.

But then, you failed to show up for the meeting to discuss this.

So now they decided to terminate you.

What did you expect?
They have to give you your paycheck no matter if you sign their stupid note or not! Talk to the people at the Employment Security Commission. They should be able to tell you what to do or maybe get it for you. Don't let them screw you over like that!
Well, you should lose your unemployment benefits. Part of having job is doing what you boss wants you to do. It sounds like you failed to comply with what he wanted you to do.

Holding your check however might be Illegal. I don't know what state you live in but you can check with your States labor regulatory agency. You quit so they need only pay you on the normal payday. (In Arizona)
i was kidnap. but i haven't talked to my work yet...!
First, don't sign anything a disgruntled employer hands you...ever. Some companies have policies that No Call No Show means you quit, but I don't think it can really stick. They are the ones who terminated your employment.

I would look around for friends (or friends of friends) who are lawyers, and have them write a strongly-worded letter.

You are entitled to your pay. They cannot withhold it for any reason.
if u r getting unemployment benefits call them. Tell them you are facing in unfair labor practices. Also, tell them you were told not to come to work until you were contacted by a ASSUMED that ment every work function, meetings included, were off limits to you since it was NOT SPECIFIED to YOU that you were suppose to come to the meetings even-though you were suspended from work.

Sounds like they are trying to hose you dude...stand up and fit for you right to work. The Unemployment office will be able to point you in the right direction. Also, tell unemployment that you feel like you are being discriminated against b/c you r unemployed...tell them you feel like they are talking advantage of you b/c u r down on your luck. play the sympathy card dude...telling you maybe be able to sue the hell outta this company if you play your cards right.
'the next meeting i did not show up to because i refuse to degrade myself'

So, you had a scheduled meeting that you were aware of and that you purposely did not attend. Well, that's 'no call, no show'.

They cannot hold your check ransom. Contact the labor board. Whether you quit or were fired, your check should be released.
You lose. Your attitude is going to be your undoing. You obviously did something they thought unappropriate. Your proposal may not be acceptable to them. That often happens when one is issued a written warning. If your employer needs you and your job is in jeopardy it might be a good idea to end your personal time and show up. If your job means anything to you, you need to do whatever it takes to keep it. From your post and apparent attitude I suggest you start your job search immediately.
Your employer was trying to give you a chance to redeem yourself not belittle you(accepting responsibility is not belittling). Forget unemployment--you had a real job! Whether you sign or not for your pay, former employer will stop you from recieving benefits because you did not resolve the issue in workplace.
They took time out of THEIR day to have a meeting with YOU so you could keep your job. They made you the priority and you failed to show because you wanted to prove your point.
Point well taken--you showed you didn't want a job.
A paycheck for work performed cannot be withheld. Contact your state's labor department and report them.