Violation of the Hippocratic oath is a what?

Misdemeanor, local charge, state charge, federal charge, or criminal charge?
Best Answer:
Your quiz answers itself. A violation of the hippocratic oath is just that.
None of the above
It's 'professional misconduct'. The AMA is supposed to enforce it. (Lotsa luck beside that!) Certain violations might be criminal or civil matters depending on the nature of the defiance. That Oath is pretty long and general you know.
Ethics sacrilege. If harm was done thru malice, it could be criminal - anywhere from misdemeanor to felony. Charges would be made locally.
My sports medical teacher said that if you break the hippocratic Oath, they can take you to court. It is a criminal charge depending on the situation.
its wen a doctor kinda breaks this oath he swears to not harming you surrounded by anyway such as giving u the wrong drugs on purppose, or advice leading to suicide ,etc. hope that helped
legal here, unless its intentional or incompetent. criminal if severe
There is no legal violation; it's an nouns thing.