Can an employer force you to work when you are sick?

Keep in mind,, this employer offers sick leave and the person in question has only take 3 sick days in the past 3 years. One of which the employer sent the person home because they were sick.
Not if you have a doctors note.
no, but they can fire you.
nope the employer is stupid u cant force ne one to work especially wen ur sick...
geez i dunno, yes he can force you bu you dont have to, he can do anythin he wants and so can you!
I assure you they can. Is it legal? It doesn't usually matter, as they can make up any excuse for firing you. Even health care professionals and restaurant workers have to work when they are sick and contagious. Technically I suppose they can't force you, but you get the idea.
noboy can EVER force you to do something . Its YOUR choice not THERES

No, they can't force you to work. However they also don't have to pay you. And they don't have to keep you employed there if they feel you are abusing a sick-day policy. There are a lot of different levels of 'sick'; I used to have an employee who thought he should get to take the day off if he had a headache (not a migraine - just a headache).
Yeah, they might fire you, but I think it would take more than the sick time issue. depends on the boss.
But! if I worked for someone who tried to treat me that way, I would want to work someplace else.
It's not actually force. but the options you have, do feel like it. Remember, you are not dealing with a person. you are dealing with a business, an entirely different entity. It cares not for your health, it cares about the labor it buys from your life.
No, but they can make your future employement conditioned upon working. that is, work or you are fired. Unless you have a contract, individually or through a union, the employer can impose any conditions they want, and you are free to accept or reject them. Likewise, you can impose any conditions you want, and the employer is free to accept them or reject them.
Most employers prefer their employees who are truly sick to stay home to diminish infecting other employees. Employees who abuse sick time should be fired and replaced with responsible people who want to work but are considerate of others when they are sick.

There are employers who are mean spirited, I'd wager, but they are a minority.
Yes, they can insist that you come to work when you're ill because they are paying your salary, but when you get there, you can puke on his shoes and his desk.
no but he can sand yu home withaut pay if yu still stay sick he can fire yu
If the person has a medical certificate and is in permanent employment and does not have a history of regular days off - then the law is on the employee's side - it will cost the employer a lot in compensation if they sack or victimise the sick person.