Best way to pass a drug test for the next day..?

What is the best product to help pass a drug test i have to take tomorrow
Quite simple, actually.

The best way to pass a drug test the next day is to not use drugs. Its guaranteed.
If you are clean, no problem, give the specimen and walk away! That's how I do it.

If you ain't clean and want to clean yourself out quick ... here is what you do. (this is painful and not guaranteed to work, but if ya are desperate enough, try it anyway ... ornery and mean assumes no liability for failed drug tests, damage to your health or death)

Get three 1 qt jars of pickled peppers (jalapeno works best), eat all of the peppers and drink the juice from the jars (vinegar and capsium will help mask the drugs in your system.

1 hour after finishing the last of the peppers and juice ... consume 15 doses of laxative (x-prep works best, make friends with someone who works in a pharmacy).

As soon as you have finished the last dose of laxative ... start chugging Orange juice (average drug users should try to consume about 2 gallons of OJ to purge the pipes!).

Expect to spend the next several hours in the can crapping your brains out and peeing like CRAZY! You will know if it's working if your butt burns every time you crap. If it ain't burning, you need more jalapenos ... take another quart (remember to drink the juice!)

After all of that ... expect to be told that because you intentionally flooded your system the test came back 'inconclusive' .. and will have to be rescheduled!

Perform this same maneuver again before your rescheduled test.
Try not doing drugs, genius.
Good luck!

Aside from dialysis or using someone else's urine, you aren't going to get much help!
want to pass a drug test -- don't take drugs!

DO no drugs...You'll pass
But if you do partake, this is what you do. No Golden Seal, no Castor Oil.... LARGE Amounts of water mixed with 2 parts vinegar, and cranberry pills (available at any local drugstore). Your skin will look great and you'll detoxify. However, watch your water intake as too much water can actually be deadly. Good luck with that!
Bad news, there is no way to pass a drug test, accept to be clean. The technology they used today to test for illicit substances is so advanced that there is really no way to get around it. if you put something in your specimen, it will detect it as abnormal, and you will have to go back and do what is called a 'direct observation', where someone has to actually watch urine go from your body into the cup. This is not a fun job, trust me. Too much water will cause the same affect and result. Good Luck. in sick !!!


get two gallons of water in a large pot, bring the water to a rapid boil, then stick your head into the boiling water, remove your head after the stupid leaves you.
Take lots of niacin and drink loads of water. You'll have to pee nonstop and be irritable as hell, but it should help you pass.
stay off the junk, puddin pie....& folks that cheat on drug tests deserve to be fired.
As told to me by a cop. Take a packet of salt and pin it to the inside of your jeans and just before you pee in the cup, dump the salt into the cup. Pee in the cup to mix the salt well. That should do the trick. It will throw everything off.
Ever stop to think why they give a drug test? To make your life miserable? No.

Because they don't want stupid people working for them, with no common sense. Anyone who pays money to damage their brain and risk going to prison is an idiot.

They don't want criminals working there, which is actually what you are.

They don't want dangerous people who are not in control of their mind or bodily functions on their premises, or driving to and from their premises.

Grow up and quit being stupid.
Did you know today's weed, Marijuana, is NOTHING like the natural herb in the old days?
Researchers say it shouldn't even be called the same name because it now has much added harmful chemicals.
It is much more damaging to your brain cells than Marijuana years ago, and does so faster.

Get smart. Challenge yourself.
do not drink for the rest of the week
Good Luck!!!
yea...just dont do drugs dumbass
My dad does drug testing, and he said drinking vinegar before helps. But be careful, he has had someone throw up vinegar all over his office.