Hit by an 18 wheeler. Should I sue?

My boyfriend and I were side swept by an 18 wheeler. We both got bruises and cuts but my boyfriend has muscle pains adjectives the time since the accident. The cops couldn't determine who's fault it was at the scene. Should I attempt to sue the driver of the 18 wheeler? Also, the airbags didn't shift off after three collisions. Should we sue the car company too? And is it too late if the happenstance happened 2 weeks ago?
Best Answer:
It's not too late but I suspect it will be a civil case which will cost thousands unless you can get Legal Aid. You will call for doctor's certificates, and they will charge you for that, and if you were upsides an 18wheeler on a roundabout or corner then you hold a poor case.
yes. my bro be hit by aan 18 wheeler too. he started a case but didnt follow thru. i was always nutty at him for that. so definitly do it!
Sure, you should sue, the statue of limitations is 2 years. Forget about what the police officer is saying and agree to the judge decide who is at fault.
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From your description, it sounds like your boyfriend is the one that received a worse injury than you did. You would have a drastically hard time collecting for just getting "bruises and cuts". Your boyfriend, though, may have a suitcase if he can prove that his ongoing muscle pains were a result of the accident. Also, he would have to prove that the 18 wheeler be at fault. Can you sue the car company? That also depends on many factor. You said you were side swiped. Was the car purchased new? Were the airbags disabled for any pretext by you or your boyfriend, or the previous owner? Can you prove it was a manufacturer error that caused the airbags not to deploy?
Keep surrounded by mind that if you do file a case, you should talk beside a lawyer first. They can determine how and why you should sue. As far as the air bags progress, personally speaking. Unless there was serious injuries, the saloon company will deny you claim. They may even run a investigation on your car. So unless you've been getting regular maintenance on your saloon, they can claim it was your own fault. Yes I too hate this unreasonable world we live in.
Definitely! :)