Whats the legal age you can leave your child at home alone in the US?

15 would,nt recomend trying it any sooner
11 i think
It depends on the state. Some states have that spell out in child abuse and neglect laws, while others don't. Some of those that don't may have suggested policies.

They are often graduated like you can leave a child who is x years old alone for y hours, but not leave them in charge of another child until they are z years old.
There isn't a set age. If something happens they will investigate and it just depends on the circumstances and how mature the child is. There is no legal age.
There is no blanked age in the US. Check your state. It varies by states and some states don't have an actual age because there are so many factors - children mature at different ages. Start with checking the state that you live in. You can call your local Department of Health and Human Services office and they should know if state law gives an actual age in your state.
it is usually about 11
i have not seen a specific figure and would not care to try it to find out.

neglect of your child is defined as abuse in most states.

have i known children who were still 11 [for example] and who came home from school to any empty house? Yes. She lived right down the street. Both parents worked and her only siblings were old enough to have moved on.

are all 11 year olds sufficiently mature that i'd think that a good policy? No. Certainly, my granddaughter isn't mature enough at age 11.

have some states been foolish enough to proclaim a figure for this? maybe -- check your local laws and/or call your police department.

Without any research, I am fairly sure there is no defined age (mainly because kids reach different stages of maturity at varying ages). If there is anything, it is unlikely to be a federal law, and therefore universal, as opposed to state law.

Whether its 'legal' to leave a child at home most likely turns on other state 'child protection' laws, for example, laws preventing child abuse. So, in the case of child abuse laws, if the child is so young that to leave him alone would be abusive, or whatever the relevant legal standard is (you would have to do research on state law), then it would be illegal to do so.

i dont know, just make sure they dont open the door to strangers or answer the phone for anybody but you. Love yo big sis.
Usually there is no set age...most statutes says something like 'of sufficient maturity' which is a judgement call.

Generally age 12 would be considered to be home alone, but not overnight alone. BUT...you can get in trouble for leaving a 16 year old home alone if his/her past should have given you reasonable knowledge that they were not mature enough...i.e. past misconduct.

The standard is usually what a reasonable person would do...like most reasonable people woudl not leave a 10 year old alone as they go away for the weekend.
It varies from state to state. Your local school system or dept of Children and Families can tell you.

In Louisiana for example its age 12. In the state of Florida, the child must be able to dial 911 and understand when to do so.