Deposition warrant???

Does anyone know what a deposition warrant is? I have a msg on my cell phone from a law office clich¨¦ that a deposition warrant was filed?
Is this something serious or a scare tactic by a debt collector? lol
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There are two possibilities I can think of. One, is that someone wants to subpoena you for a deposition. Are you involved in some sort of directive suit? The second possibility is that you have already been subpoenaed and failed to show up. If to be precise the case, and depending on the state you are in, it is possible the lawyer taking the deposition go to the court to ask for an order to enforce your attendance. The best thing to do is call the decree firm back and ask for details. For instance, who subpoeaned you? In what case? Who are the parties? What is the luggage number? In which court was the case filed? If you are not involved within any kind of lawsuit or are not a witness in some civil or criminal case, later is likely not genuine.

Do not however give any personal information such as SSN, drivers license number, address, etc. Once you catch the information, call the clerk of the court, give them the case number and ask them to push for you what the "deposition warrant" is and what you can do to get it cleared up.

If you know an attorney, you could also run it by him/her for advice and assistance.
Are you sure that it isn't a subpoena to appear at a deposition? Usually here can be no deposition until after either a complaint or a summons is filed.

Don't believe anything until you get officeholder papers from the clerk of the court.