What happens if someone files a false police report against you?

My son threw out his room mate last night after he found out he was dealing drugs. This creature left, but after saw things were missing , called from my home couldn't locate his phone. We live nextdoor. My son be very angry and said if things were not returned he would call police on him. Verbal threats be exchanged. Son's Dogs were let out of the house while leaving conscious . his cell phone and the keys to another car are missing. I know he should have be supervised while he was leaving. But we just looked-for to be away fom this person to avoid any confilct.
ex room mate has said he is going to call police on us and describe them we are drug users and dealers and have guns in our house. All untrue. We are grandparents and own a small child in our care .we are afraid of this person. we don't even support about the things he took. We are just wondering what the police do when they get an anonymus tip?It is adjectives false and he is the one selling, doing,drugs and has guns.
dont verbs about it if he does it than the better because police officers will surely pick up on the false accusation they may also look into the being that made the false call. if the situation gets bad you can other get a restraining order just report a complaint against him. also police wont come in and arrest you or take the kids, dont worry in the order of that crap they will be more interisted on the caller. police also wont bust your door down because of an anonymus call they must knock and anounce there presence. officer never rely on anonymus tips so dont worry. By my count, there are at least four criminal charges that could be laid within this incident.

Theft of the cell phone and car keys.

Threatening injury.

False reporting.

Public mischief, re the threats to report drug dealing and guns.

You need to speak , contained by person, to a senior Police officer, at the station, to get this resolved. Point out the number of possible charges that could be laid against him. ask if this person have been convicted, previously, for drug offences, which is a public record.

Seek a civil court writ to have this person "keep the peace and stay x distance away from your house. " A peacemaker may order him to post a cash bond, to keep the peace.

Jim B. Toronto. Ontario .Canada.
Likely nothing. They'll probably of late tell both parties to avoid each other.
I'm not anyone sarcastic or rude, but it's not like you see on tv, police are busy people, they don't own time for "he said she said" nonsense.

If you have a problem with this individual, contact the police yourself, no need to wait to see who makes the first move.
Sam's advice is good. If it be me, I'd call the police if things were missing after the roommate left. You're a sufferer. If it leads nowhere, you've at least got a transcription. Also, this guy may have left drugs behind on your property -- another flawless reason to act first. You can also probably get a restraining instruct to keep this guy away. If he shows up with more threats or actions, the cops wilol hold resaon to arrest him. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy already has a police record. So, contact the cops. You yourselves want to stay away from the guy. Get new key and cellphone; don't go after him for the ones you think he took (which he probably did). Another step would be to get the sports car ignition switch re-keyed so he can't steal it with the key he took.
First of adjectives, the defendants in this country are innocent until proven guilty. Second of all, cancel the cell phone and put different locks in the car and in the house. The guy is gone and if he in actuality files a report claiming that you are drug users and dealers then you know that a) it isn't true, and b)that you would pass a drug audition at any time. So, if this actually would happen, I sould simply offer to lug a drug test. If you have guns in the house I am sure that you obtain them legally, and then there is positively nothing to worry about that.
If I be in this situation I would make sure that my property is safe by shifting all the locks, including all car locks and next let it go, because I doubt that this person will profile a police report at all---and if he does then it actually could backfire on him and put him in prison for intentionally filing a false police report..... Seeing as this person is on probation I don't think you own a whole lot to worry about. You can phone his probation officer and discuss all of this with him/her. Also, call the police and tolerate them know what is going on in case this person comes around and starts trouble, they will be aware of the situation surrounded by advance and will know better how to handle this problem. Also, if he has property that belongs to you/your son transmit the police and they can go and attempt to retrieve the property.
Haven't seen a drug dealer however that won't try to say ohhh they are drug addicts if you report them it is a ploy they use and sometimes unfortunately the police believe them. It's amazing.