Intestate Succession in Indiana?

In Indiana state probate laws, if a person dies intestate and one of the decedants children are also deceased, but that child of the decedant had 2 children prior to passing away, then does the deceased share of the deceadant's estate get split evenly and passed on to the deceased child's children or does the deceased child's share of the estate get split up between the other living children of the Deceadant?
Chances are the entire estate would go to the surviving child.

It's possible to litigate it and secure an interest with the decedent child's remaining issue, but that would probably be an uphill battle.
It depends upon Indiana's intestate succession laws. But in most states the deceased heir's own heirs share his benefit.

Indiana Intestate Succession laws provide that the deceased child's share will be evenly split among any children of the deased child still alive at the time of the intestate deceadent's death. It will not simply go to the other children of the Deceadent.